Ministries We Support

We are happy to support the following ministries in the Boulder area, and around the world.

Life Choices offers support to women and men relating to unplanned pregnancies. Through education and counseling, Life Choices seeks to help clients understand all of their options, including what is at stake with abortion, so they can make a decision they won’t regret.  

Shawn Holes has preached in most major cities and campuses across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Nepal, India, Ghana, and Mexico. Shawn’s passion for the lost and burden for souls to be saved is demonstrated by his actions and his words.

Founded by James and Betty Robison, LIFE Outreach International is a Christian organization dedicated to sharing the life and love of Jesus Christ with hurting people worldwide by means of personal ministry, media outreach and humanitarian mission relief. The ministry strives to not only declare the love of Christ, but to demonstrate it as well through its various ministry and mission outreaches.

Kevin and Nozomi West seek to glorify God by making disciples through planting gospel-centered churches in urban Japan, and to see the cities of Japan saturated with and impacted by gospel-centered churches that further the global cause of Jesus Christ.

Kevin and Nozomi West